Making a difference in the lives of children, through the hobby and community of collecting.

Collectors Teaming Up To Help

For a Limited Time

The Project #1 Shirts are back on sale for a limited time!
Grab yours today!


Just ordered mine! Thanks for a great price and a fantastic idea! Wishing you all the luck in the world! 

Sandra S.

Glad to be a part of this! Thanks for offering BIG sizes for He-men! 

Chris H.

Just ordered 3! (1 of each Metallic Variant) Thank you and super happy to support such an awesome organization for such an amazing cause. 😁 

Cooper C.

My sister ordered me one, we're stoked about the cause and the act of kindness ❤

Cecelia N.

Got paid this morning, just ordered a Gold Chase T-shirt! :-D So excited they still had some available! ^_^ I hope they all sell out! ^_^ ♡ 

Cloud B.